Oregon Coast Aquarium

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11AM-3PM Family Fun!
Enjoy any of the following free bird-themed activities:

Pledge tree
Make a free pledge to help birds and enter in one of the hourly raffles.

Tattoo station
Show off your love for birds with your choice of a free bird tattoo.  

Scavenger hunt
Wander through the Oregon Coast Aquarium to find hidden scavenger hunt pieces. Directions on the back will tell you how to claim a prize!

Meet Ichabod and Olive the Turkey Vultures
This informal presentation will teach you about Turkey vultures and how the important role that these scavengers play in our ecosystem. Turkey vultures are truly nature’s clean up crew!

11AM-2PM Bird Feeder craft
Make a treat for the birds in your very own yard!
*Allergy alert: this craft consists of using peanut butter

10:45AM & 2:30 PM: Adaptations and lifestyles of seabirds and shorebirds
Learn about the unique adaptations and lifestyles of our shorebird and seabird species.

11:30AM: Vulture enrichment session
Our bird staff will explain the importance of enrichment items while the vultures enjoy a tasty treat!

Website: Oregon Coast Aquarium

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